"Springs arrival was so magnificent that it left us unprepared for anything that might in any way deny the beauty of life." - The Waltons

Few mountains are as breathtaking as the one right in our back yard, because as far as your eye can see it is covered in row after row of fruit trees. Where one orchard ends, another begins and you immediately get lost in the beauty. Spring time on the ridge is even more spectacular as peach blossoms burst into a mist of pink and apple blossoms cover the trees white as snow. If you have yet to take a drive across the ridge to witness the eruption of spring in the orchards, Delanee and Towson's session may just convince you to hop in and go!

Towson + Delanee

Evident by the CONSTANT giggling during their session, these two are a match made in Heaven! There was nothing I could say to stop Delanee from getting the giggles every time I had them look at each other! (I would be lying if I said I didn't love it) - ha

I am not a dramatic, "model face" photographer, I want to capture who my couples truly are and if that means every kiss is followed by a fit of laughter - you'll find me laughing right along with them!

Delanee works at Ridgetop Orchard. The first time we talked she insisted that their engagement session should be spring, during the blossoms, I was more than happy to oblige! Mother Nature was kind to us and provided a warm, wind free evening and the hazy sky melted into the blossoms making the orchard look like it was covered in fresh fallen snow! I hope that you enjoy strolling through Ridgetop Orchards as you take a peek into their sweet session!

Towson and Delanee

have chosen The Villa, in Cumberland, MD for their 2025 spring wedding and I am already counting the days!

They will be my first wedding to decorate with "sola wood" flowers and I am looking forward to seeing how they style them! If how they dressed for their session is any indication of their wedding plans, I am sure we are all in for a treat when the big day arrives!