My first Micro Wedding, and I am in love!

I was introduced to Tyler and Julia through Julias Aunt, who is a fellow photographer! I was so flattered when they chose me to capture their intimate wedding!

Upon first speaking with Julia, it was apparent that her and Tyler's relationship was something special. They described their plans for an intimate, micro wedding that was faith and family focused - and I knew I wanted to be the one to capture their love story!

When it came time for their big day in Deep Creek, Maryland - naturally a hurricane had rolled into the mountains. Now you may think that all day heavy rain would put a damper on any wedding day, but this beautiful couple smiled through it. I took the two hour car ride as my opportunity to stress about the rain and then made a quick stop for umbrellas! I'm not sure what it is about rain but it always seems to unlock my creativity! The fast pace of a micro wedding, incorporating umbrellas and covered locations, while taking advantage of perfectly diffused light made for an excitingly beautiful day!

As you enjoy some of the beautiful details, be sure to notice the way Tyler looks at his new bride, Julias STUNNING eyes, and the most precious father daughter dance!